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Excellent software
does not
require magic

At Tegonal you
have come to
the right place

We analyze
the initial situation
together with you...

>... and develop
tailor-made solutions
matching your needs.

Together with you we monitor and verify the results of the development iterations. Specifications and planning are adjusted according to new requirements.

Our primary goals are satisfied customers and long-term collaborations.

Using our solutions opens doors for new ideas. We are ready to bring these ideas to fruition.

Our team

Our team is small but powerful. Tegonal was born during our studies at the HTI in Biel. In November 2004, a year after graduation, Tegonal GmbH was legally
Currently our team consists of six people.

Rouven Schürch

Dipl. Ing. FH Informatik
Software engineer, project leader, associate

Likes the occasional wood-working, enjoys British humor

Alwin Egger

Dipl. Ing. FH Informatik
Software engineer, project leader, associate

Enjoys riding his bike, in the city and off-road, organizes political events sometimes

Mike Toggweiler

Dipl. Ing. FH Informatik
Software engineer, project leader, associate

Passionate gardener and early riser. Also know as the „Running Miracle“

Thomas Rawyler

Dipl. Ing. FH Informatik
Software engineer, project leader, associate

Enjoys sleeping in tents, landscape photography, and observing the stars

Darius Portmann

BLaw, Student MABL, Dipl. Sozialarbeiter FH
Communication and marketing, Project leader

Loves (swiss) chocolate and loud electric guitars. Works part-time and has two kids.

Nicola Fantini

lic. oec. publ., dipl.
Project leader, associate

Skypes throughout the world, lives where other people spend their holidays

Customers & Technologies

Here is a collection showing some of our customers, realized projects and technologies and methods we have successfully used in the past.
Our aim is to help you realize your project using optimal components.


Projects at the SBB (Swiss federal railway) are often very large and complex and require a good software development know-how. Our employees have accompanied some projects at SBB.

METAS - the national metrology institute

Tegonal advised in the specification of a new ERP and made a large contribution in the development of the SOA.

Riedo Bau + Stahl AG

Tegonal built a Web Portal for customers of Riedo, the concrete steel manufacturing company, allowing them access and place orders and track delivery in real-time.


In enger Zusammenarbeit mit Swisscom entwickelt Tegonal ein MVP Projekt und zeigt damit die Umsetzung einer reaktiven Webapplikation mit Zugriffe auf Restful Webservices als Backend Datenservice auf.


Java is a viable choice for many projects realized by Tegonal. The Java virtual machine allows us to develop platform independent applications. The vast ecosystem with its libraries lets us develop highly customized applications while satisfying all given requirements.


Tegonal setzt unter anderem auf AngularJS zur Client seitigen Visualisierung reaktiver Webapplikationen mit asynchronen Restful basierten Backend Services. Die Services realisieren wir meistens als Play/Scala Webapplikationen.

Java EE - Enterprise Edition for Java

Since the introduction of JavaEE 6 Java comes with an enterprise edition with a focus on fulfilling business requirements. By using JavaEE 6 we can develop applications with service-oriented architecture at low cost. JBoss EAP is our Open Source application server of choice.


Since 2012, Tegonal has relied partly or fully on the programming language Scala in several projects. Scala has particular advantages over Java in the area of concurrency, asynchronous messaging and parsing. Due to its conciseness the language helps to reduce lines of code and boilerplate code drastically. Therefore, Scala enhances the readability and maintainability of code. Scalas extensibility simplifies the adaptation to certain requirements. Scala is easily made interoperable with Java.

Play Framework - The Scala web framework

Play Framework is used to build web applications using Scala or Java. Its practice-oriented architecture enables us to develop web applications efficiently, so we can scale up to complex projects.

Apache Wicket

Wicket is a modern Java based component web-framework. It provides many different components covering a large set of requirements. At the same time, they are easily extended or build from scratch to broaden the scope of application. Wicket makes use of Ajax and other state of the art web-technologies and is therefore qualified to build responsive web-applications on modern UX-standards.


Scrum is our preferred agile software development methodology. Using Scrum in our team adopting a high customer involvement enables us to work together towards a perfect software solution. During the project iterations we can quickly adopt to requirement changes and the customer is able to verify the project state anytime needed with a real-time budget and schedule controlling.


Tegonal provides a search engine for legal matters and jurisdiction: jusearch! The lucid structured search engine facilitates quick and transparent access to relevant laws and associated federal court decisions for professionals and laymen alike.


Hydroid offers hydrological data (temperature, water level, flow) of Swiss waters and includes a threshold notification. Perfect for summer time and planning your next swim!


Tegonal realized a web-based reactive customer portal for the international CCS-Holding Inc.


Tegonal utilizes the No-SQL database mongoDB in designated areas. mongoDB is a non-schematic Json document store. It is especially effective in combination with Scala using the non-blocking driver ReactiveMongo.

JSF - Java Server Faces

Java Server Faces is a component-based Java web toolkit, which separates HTML-code from business logic. Since it has been a first-class citizen of JavaEE 6 the toolkit can be used effectively in that environment.


Jenkins is a platform for continuous integration. The application builds and tests software projects. Various plugins support the automated and continuous process of releasing stable versions of the product.


SonarQube is a software analysis tool that measures the quality and compatibility of a software project. In combination with a continuous integration tool like Jenkins, SonarQube helps to monitor and improve the quality of a given software project.


Errbit is an Open Source error-catcher thats Airbrake API compliant. Errbit collects errors from applications, therefore simplifying issue tracking.


Atlassian Jira is an issue management and tracking tool. Based on the planning of a project Jira simplifies the monitoring of a projects progress.


Android is a device independent operating system for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, embedded devices). It is currently developed by Google and runs on the majority of all smartphones worldwide.
Tegonal develops Android based mobile apps using existing or newly developed back-end systems.

Java EE
Play Framework
Riedo Bau + Stahl AG

We are happy to discuss
your ideas and requirements!

Tegonal GmbH
Wasserwerkgasse 2
3011 Berne / Switzerland
+41 31 328 33 60

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